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Holiday Fun: Puppy Love

November 23, 2011
Photo Collage of dogs in wedding photos

With the holiday taking center-stage this week and 2 sets of guests to get ready for, let’s have a little photo-fun today, shall we? In the eternal battle of cat vs dog, on which side do you generally fall? Todd and I? Are dog people. Even though we are currently sans canine companionship and laugh at the LOLcats with the best of ‘em, we swoon over some floppy-eared, waggy-tailed goodness. And combining bow-wows with the vows? That brings the ‘awwwww’ to a whole ‘nother level. Take a look at these pretty pooches hamming it up for the wedding photographers: Sources: Style Me Pretty 1, 2, 3, 4 Sources: Style Me Pretty 1, 2, 3 and Flickr Sources: Style Me Pretty, Offbeat Bride, Lauren Kinsey, Style Me Pretty What I find interesting, though, is something I stumbled upon while researching wedding traditions (ages ago, for a writing project): it was considered bad luck for a dog (or any creature, really) to walk between the bride and groom at the wedding so dogs used to be absolutely verboten at weddings! This harkens back to a time when it was thought that evil spirits would routinely inhabit animals, thus the spirit walking between the bride and […]

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